Relive the Fantastic Tales of Old Monterey!

Once the capitol of Mexican California, Old Monterey was the center of fiestas and balls, the glamour of dashing Spanish horsemen and the throb of guitars played by romantic suitors. It was also a town of intrigue, murder, swindles and swift justice. Twisted tales of epic lives full of superstitions, wanton lawlessness, and devious agendas. Visit the sites of the Old Spanish Adobes with unusual burials, hidden treasures, hauntings, hangings and frequent ghostly sightings. This 90 minute family tour, led by longtime residents and local historians, will introduce you to the ominous Old Monterey, Haunted Capital of California.

Doin' Monterey In The Dark”

Reviewed July 4, 2014 TRIPADVISOR

I can't profess to be a paranormal expert, but I do love all things goofy, historical, and spook-tacular, particularly if a guide establishment can successfully manage to provide all three of these things at the same time. So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself flying through the dusky streets of Monterey in a modified trolley bus with ominous music blasting from the speakers above my head. What I really loved - I mean, really, REALLY loved about this tour - was the historical lesson that it ended up to be. I was able to see moonlit historical landmarks of Monterey that I had never seen before. And yes, the city is still just as beautiful in the dark. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and just funny enough. I would recommend this tour to anyone, except maybe very small children. So if you ever find yourself pining for a trip to Monterey, wanting to learn more about the morbid historical side of the area, wishing to search out paranormal experiences with no fancy technology or gimmicks, or all of the above, this tour will fit your needs nicely.