Tour Route
The tour begins at some of Monterey's most notoriously haunted buildings. Soon you will be winding in and out of the path of history in the Ghost Trolley of Old Monterey, visiting locations of recent and historical sightings. Along the way, you will visit the oldest church in California, Monterey's historic cemetery and old legendary adobes to relive the stories of their inhabitants.

Meeting Place
The Wharf Market Place - 290 Figueroa St., Monterey CA

$33 Adults - $18 Children 12 & Under - Please no children under 5.


Bring warm clothes and your cameras! If we have under 9 participants per evening, we may use a VAN instead of the TROLLEY.

Ghost Tours of Old Monterey must have 6 or more participants to conduct a tour. We are not always able to conduct our ghost tours, even if you have purchased tickets. We will gladly refund the full ticket price and contact you two hours before the tour starting time. We are not responsible for your hotel expenses if we are unable to conduct a tour as scheduled.